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Barren Hills Beagles
50 Years Breeding Beagles for Hunt and Show

Breeder Stanley E. Shultz proudly presents ........ Barren Hills Beagles where he endeavors to breed the best in Beagles for hunt and show.

Welcome to Barren Hills Beagles

Nestled in the scenic Susquehanna River valley of central Pennsylvania, a powerhouse of Beagle genetics has quietly been producing outstanding beagles for hunting and showing. Owner/breeder, Stanley E. Shultz takes every mating seriously as he endeavors to strengthen and improve the Beagle. As the top breeder of show Beagles in 2003, Barren Hills Beagles, his small family owned kennel has placed Beagles throughout the United States and even internationally.

Unpresuming in nature, Stanley is a true Beagle enthusiast. For many years, hunters in Pennsylvania and beyond, flocked to Barren Hills to purchase outstanding hunting stock. At an annual picnic held in October, Beagle owners and friends gather to run their hounds and compare their crop of new puppies.

Robert Felty, a long time friend and mentor to Stanley, introduced him to the show Beagle, and the combination of the outstanding hunting lines and the Felty show breeding has formed the basis for Barren Hill's current success in the show ring.

The Beagle is a true all-around family dog, and at Barren Hills, careful attention is paid to temperament, conformation and vigor.

Whether you're looking for a quality pet, a show prospect, or a future champion or hunting buddy for the field, or just browsing, we welcome you.

Please take a few moments and explore our site, and let us know what you think. Above, Stanley exhibits Barren Hills Chip at a show in Gilbert, PA, May 2006.

Contact us at 717-896-8575  for fastest service, or email us at beaglestan@yahoo.com All sales by private treaty.

This page is dedicated in memory of a quality man who bred quality beagles, Robert Felty.

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